Gene Cewen

Swordsman - Trainee


Class: Swordsman Trainee
Character Skill: Massive – +1 Strength, +1 Con
Affinity: Fire
Personal Fault: Dumb Oaf  - Skill potential Rolls have disadvantage, +1 Con
Personal Skill: 
Personal Skill: 
Personal Skill: 
Preferred stats: Skill and Speed
Level: 1 (60/100)
Total level: 1
Progression Total:
Progression spent: 
Base Stats:
HP: 18 (50)
STR: 4 (60)
MAG: 1 (10)
SKL: 5 (70)
CON: 4
AID: 3
LCK: 2 (10)
DEF: 2 (50)
RES: 0 (10)
SPD: 4 (70)
MOV: 4
Trainee class lvl2: 
Trainee class lvl3:
Trainee class lvl4: 
Trainee class lvl5:

Current Stats
HP: 18 
STR: 5 (6)
MAG: 1 
SKL: 5 
CON: 6
AID: 5
LCK: 3 
DEF: 3 
RES: 0 
SPD: 5 
MOV: 4

Battle stats (Weapon Here):
Bio: A wandering sword for hire from the far east, bearing a strange symbol on his armor and a manic gleam to his golden eyes. Gene was raised near a coastal area and trained in the fighting skills of his clan, like many of his family, he left in search of ways to test his skill with the blade and strengthen himself, only desiring to return either in death or after overcoming a great challenge. His wandering ways led him to join up with a mercenary band, where he fights on the front lines with reckless abandon near insanity, with a habit of collecting the heads of strong foes or that of enemy leadership.


Gene Cewen

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