Wilhelmina K. Sabiya

Archer Trainee


Class: Archer Trainee
Character Skill: Eagle Eye – +2 Skill
Affinity: Darkness
Personal Fault: Awkward Stance – -5% Avo and hit in Close Combat.
Personal Skill: 
Personal Skill: 
Personal Skill: 
Preferred stats: Skill, Speed

Level: 2 (20/100)
Total level: 1
Progression Total:
Progression spent: 
Base Stats:
HP: 16 (60)
STR: 4 (45)
MAG: 1 (10)
SKL: 5 (50)
CON: 4
AID: 3
LCK: 2 (45)
DEF: 3 (30)
RES: 1 (30)
SPD: 4 (60)
MOV: 4 
Trainee class lvl2: + MAG, + SKL, + LCK, + SPD
Trainee class lvl3:
Trainee class lvl4: 
Trainee class lvl5:

Current Stats
HP: 16
STR: 4
MAG: 2 
SKL: 8
CON: 4
AID: 3
LCK: 4
DEF: 3 
RES: 2
SPD: 7
MOV: 4 
Name           Type () RNG MT WT CR Hit QL
Vulnerary (3/3) 10 HP heal
Battle stats (Weapon Here):
Bio:Mina was born in the forrest where she learned the basics of hunting using her trusty bow before she moved to the city and signed up with a band of mercenaries.  She learned to use speed and stealth to hit her targets with her bow to aid her companions while she goes about their various jobs as she slowly learns more about how to use said bow.


Wilhelmina K. Sabiya

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